Finally, at long last here is the second part to my compilation of my top 20 favorite period films: (more…)


I LOVE period dramas. Mostly because I love late 18th/ 19th/early 20th century novels. Basically it’s my version of the cliché chick flick. When I want to veg and eat some java chip ice cream, what do I reach for? BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, North & South,  Wives and Daughters, or ITV’s Island at War. It’s a serious problem of which I have no intention of fixing. (more…)

I finished writing my last sentence of my upper division Anth. final and my anxiety dropped away from me. It was like walking into an air conditioned building out of a Carolina August day. Incredible. I was the last one to finish and I feel pretty confident about it- the only one this semester. (more…)