Welp. I’m back. Who knows for how long. I get so absorbed in my schoolwork and I don’t find blogging to be a comfortable or enjoyable procrastination tool and most of the time I am unable to exert the creative effort to write posts while studying. (more…)


Realized: I am not a blog person. (more…)

I got into a Masters program. In the UK. (more…)

If you are a college student studying abroad, all those forms, procedures and lists of required items can be overwhelming. This semester, when I was applying, it felt like I was being bombarded at all sides with papers, deadlines and “helpful” advice. But no one was telling me how they managed day-to-day. Well, here’s a list of comfort items that will keep you sane while you are abroad at a new university, in a new country and culture.

  • Flip-flops: Most universities have communal showers and if you are doing some hostel hopping on the weekends, flip-flops can save your feet from dreaded and disgusting foot infections. (more…)

So it’s been seven months since I last posted. My blog and I aren’t on the best of terms apparently. The semester and work and life in general kind of caught up with me. It was a boring but busy semester for me and I am glad it’s over.

I changed the title of my blog because (drumroll please) (more…)