Finally, at long last here is the second part to my compilation of my top 20 favorite period films: (more…)


I LOVE period dramas. Mostly because I love late 18th/ 19th/early 20th century novels. Basically it’s my version of the cliché chick flick. When I want to veg and eat some java chip ice cream, what do I reach for? BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, North & South,  Wives and Daughters, or ITV’s Island at War. It’s a serious problem of which I have no intention of fixing. (more…)

My friend gave me a nummy dark chocolate coffee bar and I opened it up and…..LOVE POEM. My chocolate bar is trying to seduce me with its deliciousness and wit. Too bad it didn’t realize that it already had me as soon as I laid eyes upon it…. (more…)

So, I don’t know if you’ve been living in a hole or something, but if you don’t know about Canadian Kate Beaton and her amazingly clever webcomic, Hark! a Vagrant, you are sorely deprived. She is snarky, witty, and hilarious. I am a complete history nerd, so seeing Napoleon stuff his face full of cookies because Josephine is dallying with other fellas, makes me giggle way too much.

Kate Beaton's hysterical interpretation of Napoleon & Josephine