To be honest, revealing these feels like I am telling someone that I truly am a communist subversive out to destroy all that is good in Capitalist America. It’s my dirty secret. I love a good rom com or rom dram or whatever they call those romantic movies that are not comedies. Here are the few I can think of at the moment. (more…)


Finally, at long last here is the second part to my compilation of my top 20 favorite period films: (more…)

I LOVE period dramas. Mostly because I love late 18th/ 19th/early 20th century novels. Basically it’s my version of the cliché chick flick. When I want to veg and eat some java chip ice cream, what do I reach for? BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, North & South,  Wives and Daughters, or ITV’s Island at War. It’s a serious problem of which I have no intention of fixing. (more…)