I was going to title this “You Know You’re Kurdish if…” but I realized how much is general pan-Middle Easternness. Oh dear, don’t tell any of us that we are alike in any way. Actually some of this extends to my South and East Asian cousins, which brings me to number one….




If you are a college student studying abroad, all those forms, procedures and lists of required items can be overwhelming. This semester, when I was applying, it felt like I was being bombarded at all sides with papers, deadlines and “helpful” advice. But no one was telling me how they managed day-to-day. Well, here’s a list of comfort items that will keep you sane while you are abroad at a new university, in a new country and culture.

  • Flip-flops: Most universities have communal showers and if you are doing some hostel hopping on the weekends, flip-flops can save your feet from dreaded and disgusting foot infections. (more…)