I guess I like quotes for titles. They are a nice springboard to launch into one’s own thoughts and ideas. I promised an update of the past few months, which were LOCO. I thought South Africa was a whirlwind– it was, but in an entirely different way.  This past semester was so up, down, up, down that I could scarce catch my breath. (more…)


If you live here in America, you hear people all the time imitating other languages that they certainly don’t speak. Sometimes its all in good fun but sometimes it can be disrespectful, rude and insulting. I’m all for exploring the way everyone hears each other, without maliciousness of course.

Oddly enough, one hardly ever hears imitations of English. Maybe it’s because so much of the world does speak English or that each part of the world has its own unique sense of humor. (more…)

So it’s been seven months since I last posted. My blog and I aren’t on the best of terms apparently. The semester and work and life in general kind of caught up with me. It was a boring but busy semester for me and I am glad it’s over.

I changed the title of my blog because (drumroll please) (more…)