Realized: I am not a blog person. (more…)


Anthroparodie: you are so hilarious and creepily accurate.

I mean I love me some Anthropologie merchandise, even though I’ve never bought anything because I can’t afford ANY of it, but srsly guise, you gotta admit, you’re a bit ridic. (more…)

How I love C.S. Lewis’ books, The Chronicles of Narnia. As a child, they enthralled and captivated me. The fantasy and the wonderful weaving of plot, characters and settings took me to a world I longed to escape to. As I grew older, I realized Lewis had described our own world and I rejoiced, for so many opportunities of discovery opened to me. The soundtracks for the disney version films help a little too. (more…)

I have been having crazy dreams about Pretoria and South Africa. Some of them were great adventure dreams. Some of them not so good. As in they involved me being set on fire.


So, I really like street fashion blogs. Why? Because they project so much of a particular city’s culture it’s ridiculous.

From Stil in Berlin.


So, I had a little trouble uploading the videos for yesterday’s post. I am really new to wordpress so that didn’t help. Plus, I was moving out of my apartment yesterday and didn’t really have much time or energy to concentrate or fix it. Sorry! It’s fixed now!

So, I don’t know if you’ve been living in a hole or something, but if you don’t know about Canadian Kate Beaton and her amazingly clever webcomic, Hark! a Vagrant, you are sorely deprived. She is snarky, witty, and hilarious. I am a complete history nerd, so seeing Napoleon stuff his face full of cookies because Josephine is dallying with other fellas, makes me giggle way too much.

Kate Beaton's hysterical interpretation of Napoleon & Josephine

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