Realized: I am not a blog person. (more…)


I got into a Masters program. In the UK. (more…)

Sooo… I’m a bad blogger. I am a great blog reader and internet memer and viral video watcher, but the actual contribution thing eludes me for some reason. Perhaps, because I want to do EVERYTHING, then get overwhelmed and do nothing. Boo.

It’s one week into the new year and I feel strangely hopeful. Maybe it’s just that Spring can officially slink in without feeling guilty for taking some of Winter’s time. The generally warmer weather and more sunlight does generally help with those moods and my motivation. (more…)

My life here has developed into a semblance of a routine and there really isn’t much to tell. School is busy and interesting; I continue to grapple with the small nuances that make this an African university and not an American one. Life at Tuksdorp, my residence, has proved to be no different than sort of living in the dorms and sort of living in an apartment with several people. There has been drama, first spats, and realization of the length of our stay, in addition to the constant battle to keep the kitchen cabinets closed, as they don’t shut properly and annoyingly swing open a lot. (more…)

It’s been awhile. I apologize. I am a horrible person for keeping you all hanging. I know everyone is living vicariously through me and my adventures in South Africa and I hate to be so cruel. So, here’s an update on what’s been happening… (more…)

If you are a college student studying abroad, all those forms, procedures and lists of required items can be overwhelming. This semester, when I was applying, it felt like I was being bombarded at all sides with papers, deadlines and “helpful” advice. But no one was telling me how they managed day-to-day. Well, here’s a list of comfort items that will keep you sane while you are abroad at a new university, in a new country and culture.

  • Flip-flops: Most universities have communal showers and if you are doing some hostel hopping on the weekends, flip-flops can save your feet from dreaded and disgusting foot infections. (more…)