Welp. I’m back. Who knows for how long. I get so absorbed in my schoolwork and I don’t find blogging to be a comfortable or enjoyable procrastination tool and most of the time I am unable to exert the creative effort to write posts while studying. (more…)


I got into a Masters program. In the UK. (more…)

You suck. I mean you really suck. You are confusing and liberating and all the while still screwing around with me. All I want to do is have a smooth transition for once. But I am beginning to realize that confusion, roughness, and disorder are inherent in the definition of transition. Webster, get on that. (more…)

So I didn’t even start any of the books on my summer reading list, nor did I read any of the others I bought this summer in completion. I didn’t relax (except for my NC trip) and I started the semester almost as stressed as I had finished the last one. ugh. Also: I STILL HATE NISSAN ARMADAS. Anyway, my fall semester is 3 weeks in and I am already swamped and I am only taking 3 courses. (more…)

So part II of my period films list is waiting to be uploaded…but it’s on my laptop at home and I am at work. Scandalous, I know, blogging at work, but I’m a good multi-tasker. Speaking of period pieces, you should check out my new blog, which is an adaptation of Persuasion by Jane Austen. The web address is (more…)

I guess I like quotes for titles. They are a nice springboard to launch into one’s own thoughts and ideas. I promised an update of the past few months, which were LOCO. I thought South Africa was a whirlwind– it was, but in an entirely different way.  This past semester was so up, down, up, down that I could scarce catch my breath. (more…)

My life here has developed into a semblance of a routine and there really isn’t much to tell. School is busy and interesting; I continue to grapple with the small nuances that make this an African university and not an American one. Life at Tuksdorp, my residence, has proved to be no different than sort of living in the dorms and sort of living in an apartment with several people. There has been drama, first spats, and realization of the length of our stay, in addition to the constant battle to keep the kitchen cabinets closed, as they don’t shut properly and annoyingly swing open a lot. (more…)