I have no motivation to study today, even though I have a plan and I felt pretty satisfied and accomplished after setting said plan. I can’t seem to concentrate. Even though I know if I went to campus I would probably be better, it’s cold, rainy, and grey for the first time in a week or so and the idea of leaving my room to walk 20 or so mins to the library is heartbreaking.



I like:

I dislike:


Is it strange that they are pretty much the same??????

So I’ll cut straight to the chase. I am in the process of moving out of my apt and my boobs keep getting in the way. Literally. Also Barnes and Noble is bloody sexist.  (more…)

So I just realized…exactly two years ago, I had just arrived in South Africa and was beginning my study abroad adventures. At that point primarily concerned with finding breakfast and how to run the shower in my student house. Baby steps, I tell you, baby steps. I still miss it–the country, the people I met there (South African and others), the food, the conversation, and yes even that crazy, confusing, highly inefficient university. I still think about it everyday at least once, or end up talking about it almost as often. South Africa changed my life. (more…)

Finally, at long last here is the second part to my compilation of my top 20 favorite period films: (more…)

I think all owners of Nissan Armadas should be tied up, hauled by their disgustingly huge SUVs into the Kalahari and made to live there on nothing but pickles and clam juice for the rest of their sad, insecure little lives. I really hate Nissan Armadas. (more…)

“Dear John” letters, hate mail, poison pen letters, love letters, epistles, memos, business letters, chain letters….so many types of letters and so little time. Letters and letter writing– whether via parchment, rag paper stationary, typing paper, email, or Pony Express are significant in the ways they reveal much about people. (more…)

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