I was going to title this “You Know You’re Kurdish if…” but I realized how much is general pan-Middle Easternness. Oh dear, don’t tell any of us that we are alike in any way. Actually some of this extends to my South and East Asian cousins, which brings me to number one….




Welp. I’m back. Who knows for how long. I get so absorbed in my schoolwork and I don’t find blogging to be a comfortable or enjoyable procrastination tool and most of the time I am unable to exert the creative effort to write posts while studying. (more…)

Realized: I am not a blog person. (more…)

To be honest, revealing these feels like I am telling someone that I truly am a communist subversive out to destroy all that is good in Capitalist America. It’s my dirty secret. I love a good rom com or rom dram or whatever they call those romantic movies that are not comedies. Here are the few I can think of at the moment. (more…)

So my mom’s side of the family was really really awesome and got me an iPad for a graduation present. This is bad. Really bad. I am already completely addicted.


You suck. I mean you really suck. You are confusing and liberating and all the while still screwing around with me. All I want to do is have a smooth transition for once. But I am beginning to realize that confusion, roughness, and disorder are inherent in the definition of transition. Webster, get on that. (more…)

Anthroparodie: you are so hilarious and creepily accurate.

I mean I love me some Anthropologie merchandise, even though I’ve never bought anything because I can’t afford ANY of it, but srsly guise, you gotta admit, you’re a bit ridic. (more…)

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