So I didn’t even start any of the books on my summer reading list, nor did I read any of the others I bought this summer in completion. I didn’t relax (except for my NC trip) and I started the semester almost as stressed as I had finished the last one. ugh. Also: I STILL HATE NISSAN ARMADAS. Anyway, my fall semester is 3 weeks in and I am already swamped and I am only taking 3 courses. (more…)


Bookstores and libraries are like crack specifically engineered for me. I am hopelessly addicted and have no desire to go to rehab (cue Amy Winehouse). My parents have established rules for me regarding bookstores because of my problem. Never mind that I am 22 years old and pretty much take care of myself– in bookstores, I either have to have responsible buddy that is strong-willed enough to resist my persuasive powers and prevent me from cleaning out the bank, or I have to leave my wallet and its contents in the car. It’s a serious problem. (more…)

I am not very good at writing regularly, which is unfortunate. My journal is suffering the same fate as well; it makes me feel guilty– I can hear my journal crying in the dark. All of which does not help my anxiety or stress level.

However, this doesn’t either. An OK highway patrolman physically and verbally assaulting an EMT trying to transport a patient, in an ambulance. It’s not excusable. (more…)