So I’ll cut straight to the chase. I am in the process of moving out of my apt and my boobs keep getting in the way. Literally. Also Barnes and Noble is bloody sexist.  (more…)


So I didn’t even start any of the books on my summer reading list, nor did I read any of the others I bought this summer in completion. I didn’t relax (except for my NC trip) and I started the semester almost as stressed as I had finished the last one. ugh. Also: I STILL HATE NISSAN ARMADAS. Anyway, my fall semester is 3 weeks in and I am already swamped and I am only taking 3 courses. (more…)

The great mountain trembles from your song

The varied paths of the Mkize clan have opened.

Beautiful son of Nomkhubulwane, (more…)

Finally, at long last here is the second part to my compilation of my top 20 favorite period films: (more…)

So part II of my period films list is waiting to be uploaded…but it’s on my laptop at home and I am at work. Scandalous, I know, blogging at work, but I’m a good multi-tasker. Speaking of period pieces, you should check out my new blog, which is an adaptation of Persuasion by Jane Austen. The web address is (more…)

I LOVE period dramas. Mostly because I love late 18th/ 19th/early 20th century novels. Basically it’s my version of the cliché chick flick. When I want to veg and eat some java chip ice cream, what do I reach for? BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, North & South,  Wives and Daughters, or ITV’s Island at War. It’s a serious problem of which I have no intention of fixing. (more…)

Bookstores and libraries are like crack specifically engineered for me. I am hopelessly addicted and have no desire to go to rehab (cue Amy Winehouse). My parents have established rules for me regarding bookstores because of my problem. Never mind that I am 22 years old and pretty much take care of myself– in bookstores, I either have to have responsible buddy that is strong-willed enough to resist my persuasive powers and prevent me from cleaning out the bank, or I have to leave my wallet and its contents in the car. It’s a serious problem. (more…)

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