I got into a Masters program. In the UK. (more…)


So I didn’t even start any of the books on my summer reading list, nor did I read any of the others I bought this summer in completion. I didn’t relax (except for my NC trip) and I started the semester almost as stressed as I had finished the last one. ugh. Also: I STILL HATE NISSAN ARMADAS. Anyway, my fall semester is 3 weeks in and I am already swamped and I am only taking 3 courses. (more…)

Sooo… I’m a bad blogger. I am a great blog reader and internet memer and viral video watcher, but the actual contribution thing eludes me for some reason. Perhaps, because I want to do EVERYTHING, then get overwhelmed and do nothing. Boo.

It’s one week into the new year and I feel strangely hopeful. Maybe it’s just that Spring can officially slink in without feeling guilty for taking some of Winter’s time. The generally warmer weather and more sunlight does generally help with those moods and my motivation. (more…)