Vianne H. is a postgraduate MA student in Kurdish Studies and finally finished her bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and International Studies. She loves reading pretty much anything from Harry Potter to cookbooks to books on the global economy. She has an extremely eclectic taste in music, including an unnatural fondness for the horrendous music of the 80s. Cats bring her unholy amounts of happiness and make her speak in baby-talk. Because of this, cats think she is an idiot that will be among the first wave of casualties when they conquer the world.  A caffeine junkie, Vianne wants to get a PhD in socio-cultural anthropology and accrue lots and lots of student loan debt.

Posts on this blog from Dec 2009-June 2010 are of my experiences in South Africa, where I studied abroad for six months. I did a lot of traveling, studying and breathing while I was there so check them out to get a taste of what living in South Africa is all about. You can also access some of my photo galleries from those posts to get an idea of what South Africa looks like for those living there.

My blog Kellynch is  a project for an adaptation class or for Jane Austen fans. It re-imagines Austen’s Persuasion  as a blog written by Anne. Check it out and comment! I wanted it to be an interactive sort of thing with a dash of role-playing, to imagine what Anne and the others would have said and done with today’s social media in their own world.

Or come and see my internet stream of consciousness at my tumblr :


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