I got into a Masters program. In the UK.

Yup, I am heading to study abroad again. This time to merry old England to a MA program in Kurdish Studies at University of Exeter. It’s a one year program and very intensive, but I mean really, what kind of postgraduate programs did you expect me to look into? I am so excited. The anticipation of a new place, new people, new experiences, new classes, and all the planning and preparation that will be inevitably thrown out the window when I land. I actually love that part– the having to entirely or almost entirely throw out one’s imaginings and plans to create a flexible-on-the-fly plan. Which is funny, because to most people, including myself, I am somewhat of an OCD planner, what-ifer, doubter, and paranoid control freak when it comes to the future and plans in general. It seems that traveling and culture-shock are my drugs of choice, or my preferred method of adrenaline pumping. My best abilities come out in these contexts, whether they are the result of being an anthro major or coming from a culturally composite background or both isn’t really important. In these contexts, I find how capable I am, body and mind, and it’s exhilarating.

More than anything, I am so excited about the program. Its faculty and the courses pretty much have “made for Vianne” written all over them. Plus, the relevance of program to my even more future plans to marry Benedict Cumberbatch and be Sherlock’s wife  of doing PhD research with Kurds for an anthropology program is astounding. The value and usefulness of a scholarly background as well as the connections with others doing research in Kurdish Studies is immeasurable. Basically, I haven’t slept since the beginning of March I am so excited.

I still have to apply for my visa (ultimate nightmare: British immigration), buy my ticket and figure everything else out but for now I am costing on a cloud of YESSSSSSSSS.

Basically it’s all: