So my mom’s side of the family was really really awesome and got me an iPad for a graduation present. This is bad. Really bad. I am already completely addicted.

Seriously, I haven’t been on my laptop all day and I have already read an entire book on here. Okay, the book isn’t the bad part really, just the fact that it is soooooooo easy to carry this thing around with me and is like a black hole of wasted time on various things that don’t really matter. I’ve played over 50 games of solitaire, looked up various things that were not life and death situations, fiddled around with apps that don’t really make my life of activities online any easier, including this one–the WordPress app. I mean really, you all may never see me again and all those fears I so frankly admitted to you last time may well indeed be even more likely to come to pass. It is terrifying prospect.

However, I do admit, because of the limitations of this particular device and its apps, I am less inclined via sheer laziness to drown in the black hole that is facebook and tumblr. I mean Facebook was already quite low my priority list these days, but the slight inconvenience of posting on Facebook, tumblr, or even on here via this iPad may indeed be my salvation from “plugged-in” hell. It is a firstworldproblem to say the least. And yes I left all that smooshed together on purpose.

Who knows what will happen. I mean, I could tire of this amazing gadget after while and slink back guiltily to my beloved MacBook, like an adulterous lover who finally realizes that the more versatile and faithful companion is the one left behind. Or I could elope with this latest paramour to Paris or Vegas and have a glitzy wedding officiated by a Parisian mime or Elvis. Or I could just realize how silly all these smilies and metaphors comparing my tech gadgets to lovers are and get over myself and do something productive.