You suck. I mean you really suck. You are confusing and liberating and all the while still screwing around with me. All I want to do is have a smooth transition for once. But I am beginning to realize that confusion, roughness, and disorder are inherent in the definition of transition. Webster, get on that.

Here were my goals for the next semester/summer of my life:
-Rot my brain
-Get my body healthy and active
-Socialize to make up for the past year and half of the hermit life
-Work on French and Kurdish
-Read and watch whatever the hell I want
-get creative with art, music, words etc.

Here is my probable reality:
-Searching for work, if lucky getting some and having to learn a new boring-ass job
-Scrambling to get the university to do anything for me and graduate me properly and officially without having to threaten legal action
-Scrambling and crying over grad applications
-Living off of ramen and not socializing due to lack of funds
-Having no time to read, draw, sing, or watch anything fun due menial labor situation described above
-Being addicted to tumblr
-Sitting on my bum and doing nothing healthy or active
-Having no one or time to work on French or Kurdish
-Having panic attacks because real life is terrifyingly boring and soul-sucking.

Ugh why why why why why WHY is the eternal question.

I am thinking of becoming a sewer dweller because I might be less stressed living such a lifestyle, I mean look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All they did was eat pizza, hang out, fight people if they felt like it, and utilized awkward 80-90s catch phrases. Perfect.