So I didn’t even start any of the books on my summer reading list, nor did I read any of the others I bought this summer in completion. I didn’t relax (except for my NC trip) and I started the semester almost as stressed as I had finished the last one. ugh. Also: I STILL HATE NISSAN ARMADAS. Anyway, my fall semester is 3 weeks in and I am already swamped and I am only taking 3 courses.

Yes, one is a graduate seminar but still, I thought I would be able to actually sleep this semester. It was only a pipe dream. I am knee-deep already in literature for my 2 large term papers, have a crazy fieldwork schedule, a dump-truck load of readings for all my classes and I am struggling to come to terms with my upper division ECON class and its repeated demonization of culture and promotion of Western style economics, government, social policy. Everything we read/talk about revolves around “changing the culture, mindset, and social norms” as a main part of increasing ‘development’ and progressing away from ‘backwardness’ and ‘meaningless traditions’. My anthro senses mostly are humming with rage in that class but I just have to keep in my head that its only for degree credit/think of it as fieldwork/work the system and get out/compartmentalize.

Also I am retaking the GRE because I wasn’t happy with my score/experience with the GRE this summer and I have to do graduation stuff and graduate school applications. Yeah, quitting life and becoming a hermit in the mountains is looking mighty appealing.

But, webcomics, gifs, and bagels are keeping me sane and I can sleep when I am dead. So I should be fine.


But seriously: Does hermit life appeal to you? Was your summer an utter fail or an utter win? Lemme know in the comments. Cause I care, kind of.