My friend gave me a nummy dark chocolate coffee bar and I opened it up and…..LOVE POEM. My chocolate bar is trying to seduce me with its deliciousness and wit. Too bad it didn’t realize that it already had me as soon as I laid eyes upon it….Like this,

My relationship with Chocolate

Oh Kate Beaton and Hark! A Vagrant you sum up my life so well…using history, pop culture, and comics. Thanks for the image.

There is the picture. Here are the words.

from Don Juan

A long, long kiss, a kiss of youth, and love,

And beauty, all concéntrating like rays

Into focus, kindled from above:

Such kisses as belong to early days,

Where hear, and soul, and sense, in concert move,

And the blood’s lava, and the pulse a blaze,

Each kiss a heart-quake, –for a kiss’s strength,

I think, it must be reckon’d by its length.

By length I mean duration; theirs endured

Heaven knows how long– no doubt they never reckon’d;

And if they had, they could not have secured

The sum of their sensations to a second:

They had not spoken; but they felt allured,

As if their souls and lips each other beckon’d,

Which, being join’d, like swarming bees they clung–

Their hearts the flowers from whence the honey sprung.

George Gordon, Lord Byron

Ooooo, chocolate. Ooooo Lord Byron. Ooooo Kate Beaton’s Lord Byron. So much happiness. So many lols.