Bookstores and libraries are like crack specifically engineered for me. I am hopelessly addicted and have no desire to go to rehab (cue Amy Winehouse). My parents have established rules for me regarding bookstores because of my problem. Never mind that I am 22 years old and pretty much take care of myself– in bookstores, I either have to have responsible buddy that is strong-willed enough to resist my persuasive powers and prevent me from cleaning out the bank, or I have to leave my wallet and its contents in the car. It’s a serious problem.I simply walk in, breathe in the smell of all that ink, paper, and the odd smell of other contented bookworms and I cannot help myself. Everything becomes a necessity. I  guess it’s the thrill of all that knowledge in one place, tangible and present in way I don’t believe the internet will ever be able to attain. Books are knowledge grounded in ink and binding, while the information on the internet is floating–buffeted and exchanged over and over again through cyberspace. I guess it shows my age, when I describe the internet as a boundless sea of information. Books have more voice for me. They have more personality–defined by their ideas, authors, and even in their covers, type and paper.  It’s like that scene in the movie Inkheart (an excellent book series by the way) when Mo is walking through the book shop and all the books are whispering their stories to him. It’s my dream come true.

This ramble could be summed up in one sentence really: I went to the bookstore and instead of just buying the one birthday card I supposed to buy, I bought $45 dollars of books in less than an hour. But what fun is that sentence?

What did I buy? Two books that offer brief introductions in Philosophy and Socio-Cultural Anthropology and a copy of Foucault’s Ceci n’est pas une pipe. The latter is a great essay based upon the ideas offered by Magritte’s painting of the same name. It talks about the relationships between image, representation, language and the conundrum the painting presents. Yay for light reading! Not. I guess I would still be in the field of social sciences even if I wasn’t. I can’t seem to escape my interests….I am doomed.

Anyway, in other news:

–I made a giant yarn pom pom for the hat I knitted earlier in the break. It’s a lucky pom pom, I am sure of it.

–Also, John Paul II has been beatified, bringing him one step closer to becoming Saint John Paul II. My favorite pope ( regardless of the fact that I am not Catholic AT ALL) is my favorite mostly because of Kate Beaton’s pope action comics (also here and here) and I suspect that in real life he wasn’t like the comics at all but I continue to ignore that little issue.