I guess I like quotes for titles. They are a nice springboard to launch into one’s own thoughts and ideas. I promised an update of the past few months, which were LOCO. I thought South Africa was a whirlwind– it was, but in an entirely different way.  This past semester was so up, down, up, down that I could scarce catch my breath. Of course, now, I am sitting in the library basement, we’ve had a total of 2 people come in since 11am and the most serious choices I have to make is whether to read North and South or SoulPancake. It’s strenuous to say the least.

But back to last semester. I got back from SA in June and spent the rest of the summer with my family hanging out and watching a lot of movies. I got over my fear of white people, walmart, and SUVs eventually, and began looking for an apartment in my university town. This is when things got crazy. However, instead of writing all this out in what would eventually become a small epic, I shall outline:

  • My apartment search was stressful: couldn’t find one close enough that was reasonable and in decent shape. Finally we found one and signed the lease.
  • We decided to move most of my stuff down over a weekend. And BAM! My computer, external HD, ipod, passport and purse were stolen out of my car in the apartment’s parking lot. Basically, I lost all  my music, pictures, academic papers etc. from the past 3 or so years, including my SA stuff. I got a lot back, thanks to friends and the internet and my purse was found, sans wallet. Still, I have never felt that kind that kind of violation. It’s taken the whole semester to even start to recover things. Luckily, my parents spent a lot of money to replace my computer and HD, as my birthday and Christmas presents. They are awesome basically.
  • Then I started the most rigorous semester of college, academic-wise, anyway. I took 5 courses, the normal load, but had 21 textbooks and the worst paper/exam/reading schedule known to Man. Plus, I worked 25+ hrs a week, in spite my job at the library being super easy, it just takes away a lot of time.
  • My parents attempted to move me out of my shady apartment to no luck. I got most of the stress because I had to look for another place, sign contracts, call my current landlord, stress stress stress stress stress.
  • Yet, I enjoyed most of my classes– I got to read a lot of primary source material about/by women of Antiquity and the Middle Ages, learned an immense amount about the cultures of Latin America, did an awesome fieldwork project on OK roller derby, and wrote a lot in French.
  • I reconnected with some friends, lost others, and found out a lot about myself this past semester. I learned in SA that I have the WEIRDEST sense of humour and it was definitely confirmed this past semester. I think I really figured out what I look for in close friends and what’s important to me these last two semesters. Being away in SA and then coming back for fall semester was the craziest thing ever but I think I’ve really gotten to know myself and who I click with. I’m looking at you, House 8 Hellions, my fav English lit major and my Persian Princess.
  • I found out how in love/hate I am with Anthropology.
  • I found out that I have an unnatural obsession with bagels and that Daft Punk is the only thing that will keep me awake during the many sleepless weeks.
  • But besides the emotional/personal revelations, I managed to get all As this semester and then promptly got shingle (the adult version of chicken pox) after finals. Note, the few cases that occur in people under 50 are usually due to extreme stress and a lowered immune system. Thanks a lot Anthropology.

So that’s the bare bones of the past 6 months. I survived and live to see another day. Cheers!