It’s been 6 months since I last posted. I am a little disappointed in myself for not continuing, since my original plan was to share my reintegration into American  life, academics, culture etc. and my feelings about South Africa after I’d left. But let me tell you, this past semester took me for a wild ride that would have scared the bejeezus out of anyone, me included.But I have decided that now I am ready to restart this blog. Probably more than likely all that post-South Africa stuff will be the focus of some posts, as I am still adjusting and figuring out who I am after such a large experience, but as my last year of university begins, there are so many other issues, questions, and topics that consume my brain cells’ attention these days. Also, since getting back to unlimited-internet-land, I have been reading a lot more blogs, intelligent websites (aka not facebook) and improving my understanding and knowledge of “interwebz” writing. Also I have looking at a ridiculous amount of lolcat pictures and videos. But that’s another kettle of fish.

My actual inspiration to restart was actually the new African adventure of my fellow Sooner and South Africa experience buddy, Cayci. She had her first abroad experience ever during our months in Pretoria and boy, did she catch the travel/global citizen bug. She just arrived in Uganda and is doing another internship there. I am so incredibly excited for her and plan to live vicariously through her while I am stuck here in the States. Check out her Uganda and SA blog here. Her new blog and start of new adventures gave me the push to revisit my own writings and I am so grateful to her. Thanks Cayci!

Next post, (in a few hours, since I am at work and have little to do) will probably be a sum up of the events of this past semester, since they are relevant to my current mental state. Stay tuned for walmart nightmares, cars, robberies, extreme academics, bagels, all-nighters, Daft Punk, tea, and cats. I know it’s a lot, but I have faith in you. 🙂