I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Exams are done. Exams are done. Exams are done. Exams are done. They’ve been done for 5 days and it has been glorious. It’s nice to have a life again. For two and half weeks I barely went outside or did anything else but read read read and write write write. It was exhausting. I have never studied so much in my entire life, but then again, my final exams have never been worth 50% of my mark either.

But it was kinda fun, in a weird way. I was with my roomies almost 24-7 and we studied, talked, acted crazy when the studying got to be too much, made late night gas station runs for corn flakes and candy.

People are leaving and fast. I am very sad about it and it occupies my mind far more than is healthy. Everyone isn’t leaving all at once, it’s a slow drip so it makes it harder because you get to watch the dynamic of all of us exchange students slowly die and eventually disappear. I don’t want to leave everyone. I want to leave Pretoria and TUKs but not the people. Especially my house 8 girls. This semester has been like nothing I have ever experienced and it has been fun, enlightening, crazy, serious, funny, cuddly, loud, silly, and absolutely wonderful. I wish I could just transport house 8 with everyone in it and drop it in Norman.

But it might be better to leave it. It’s a collection of absolutely fantastic memories and I want  to keep a hold of it like this. I’ll see most everybody again, I know, but changing from roommates to long distance friends is a big change and requires work. Work I am most willing to put in but it changes relationships and that’s always a little difficult.

I leave on friday for my last trip and I am excited despite all the goodbyes. I will be heading down to Wild Spirit, which is a hostel/farm in the village of Nature’s Valley. It’s on the Garden Route, which is a section of the southern coast of South Africa.

So it’s going to beautiful, relaxing, and a nice final interaction with South Africa. It will be away from all the craziness of the World Cup, which actually scares me a little with how much it has taken over this country.

But anyway, I am on a roller coaster of emotion and I will definitely update before I leave for the US on the 18th. Whoa, that’s so soon…