So I forgot to post this a month and a half ago. Forgive me.


So it has been just about 2 weeks since my last post. Sorry. I was in the glorious city of Cape Town and then we some health fun times come up. The day we got back to Pretoria, a roomie had a TIA (ironic, I know) and so she was in the hospital for a night and a day. I spent the night and most of the day with her. She’s fine, no damage or probable cause either. Then I got a cold and had a history paper. Boo. I’ve been feeling pretty bad the past four days or so. It sucks that I left one flu season only to enter another. The one downside to switching season patterns.

I should have CT pictures up on my mobile me account soon. My camera got sand in it and is in a coma until I can get it to a shop to clean it out. I may just open it up myself and brush it out. A dangerous operation, but a necessary one to save my camera’s life. I really don’t want to pull the plug on it. I don’t think that’s what it would have wanted.

Cape Town was amazing. I loved it and I think it loved me too. I wish I could have gone there to study, but then I wouldn’t have met all my awesome friends that go to TUKs. What if, what if what if…

Cape Town is so much more alive and has less of the fear, tension, and suspicion that Pretoria does. I suppose it is different out in the suburbs. I didn’t really get a chance to head out there unfortunately. The city centre is full of everything: people of all types, buildings of all types, activities of all types, and cultures of all types. There are less window bars and fences and I saw so many more mixed groups– racially, age-wise, etc. I also saw so many mixed race couples, it made me happy because they didn’t get the looks that the lone mixed couple would get here in Hatfield– in Cape Town, they are just a normal couple.

There is such awesome old Victorian architecture, especially in the area we were staying, on Long Street. It was intermingled with 70s style and new modern buildings. There were so many different different bars, cafés and stores there; I almost squealed with joy. I only saw maybe two chain shops in all of Long Street and very few in city centre in general. The city has nice open green areas and parks; lovely streets that are pedestrian friendly, not just pedestrian accommodating, like Pretoria. It just feels more welcoming that Pretoria. Yeah, the people there are typically a bit snobby, “artsy” and extreme fashionistas (which makes for good people watching actually), but they are friendly nonetheless and love their city.

The jazz festival was mind blowing.  Apparently it got rating 4th best in the world, so we made a good choice, I think, to go. South African jazz is a whole other shebang and was so fun to discover and participate in. I have found a whole new range of artists to enjoy. George Benson was even there and gave a concert both nights. He’s still got it, for however old he is. He can still dance and have energy up there. I was impressed. Plus, he’s an amazing guitarist to boot. I got two CDs and am very pleased with my choices. I got the 2010 album for the jazz festival and a 2-disc Miram Makeba album. Makeba is like the Aretha Franklin/Ella Fitzgerald/ Edith Piaf of South Africa and I can see why. She was an amazing vocalist. She died in 2008 and was still performing until then.

We climbed Table Mountain, I almost died because we chose the most direct route but also the steepest. It consisted of tall stone steps/ rocks for the full 2.5 hours it took to get up. I had bad flashbacks to my lost battle with the stairmaster my freshman year (ask me about that story sometime, it’s kinda hilarious). The view was incredible from the top, you could see the harbor and the ocean and the entire city spread out below. The day was gorgeous and the landscape on the flat top was so breathtaking. I can’t really describe it.

Cape Town is AWESOME.