It’s Sunday again and I should be starting my political science paper but I’m not. The past four days have been so crazy that I feel like my head was spinning so fast it came off and it has just been returned to me, only to have been screwed back on too tight.

Today, I watched Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away for the bagillionth time. I never get sick of it.

For me it’s a pure escape to wonder and whimsy. It makes me smile; it makes me peaceful and reminds me of what the important things are in life: friends, family, determination, courage, curiosity, and of course, love.

Thursday night however, all this seemed miles and miles off. I stayed up almost 48 hours to study for two tests and was so hopped up on caffeine that I thought my heart might explode. But it was fun in a horrible way. Melene and Karen were both staying up too because they had a presentation for their architecture projects. The three of us were in this awful situation of no sleep, panic and frustration but we were in it together and it was so funny. We reached that final boundary of sanity quite quickly and we were crazy slap-happy all night. Everything was funny and we got to know each other in that weird way that one only gets when you are in a situation of lengthy contact and no sleep. Of course I instructed them that Texas is the land of the pooheads- which apparently is a hilarious word for them– they don’t teach that in English class in Belgium I guess. And we quoted Napoleon Dynamite (which I recently made Karen watch) and we danced around the common area like trippy hippies. But both my tests went great, I knew everything I had to write essays on and the only bad part was I felt jittery and slighty detached from reality– which might explain the hippy dancing, who knows?

Then I slept for an hour and half and then got up, went to the grocer, and then with the help of all of House 8, started cooking a massive amount of Kurdish food to celebrate New Roz which was last weekend. I made shifteh (spiced meat patties eaten with pita), rice, and eggplant shileh (a kind of stew to eat with rice). It was a little spicy for some of my roomies but they liked it. We barely have any leftovers. And since we don’t have an oven in the house, I couldn’t make any sesame cookies or baklavah– not that I would be able to fine phyllo dough anyway. Hatfield is sorely lacking in ethnic groceries strangely enough. We had to use this doughy Italian flatbread because the supermarket didn’t have pita bread. Huh?

But it turned out really good. It was so fun to cook with everyone and see them get excited with me for Kurdish food and New Year’s– it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It feels so good to see people you really enjoy being with appreciate and truly enjoy your own culture. Everyone was psyched for days and that made me excited for New Roz. It was probably one of the best Kurdish New Year’s I’ve ever had. Thanks House 8 Hellions (and Billy too)!

Well, that’s pretty much all that’s happening down here in the Southern Hemisphere. I will probably blog again before we head out to Cape Town on Wednesday for April Break, but I am not guaranteeing anything. And I will try to post pictures of recent going-ons on my mobile me account! Cheers!