So, with no way to download music because internet is so expensive, I have had to really explore my itunes library and really listen to some of the tunes I never listen to.

Here’s a playlist, in no particular order, that I listen to over and over, especially when I am pulling all nighters to finish papers.

How Lucky We Are -meiko: reminds me of home and how lucky I am to be here.

Yours to keep -Teddybears: I listened to this song on the bus en route to Jo’burg; it feels like a city song to me.

Cheap and Cheerful- The Kills: This is one of my “go-get-’em” songs. Lately, I have been feeling quite “other-ish” here, especially when I’ve encountered fundamental differences. The Kills pick me up and say, “I’m sick of social crazes/Show your sharp tipped teeth/Lose your cool in public /Did the legal meet”.

July, July! -The Decemberists: Feels like wearing my worn-out converse and wearing my favorite t-shirt. Plus, I’ll be back in July and the line, “July, July, July/ It never seemed so strange” is what I will be feeling, guaranteed.

Not Tonight -Tegan & Sara: Krista gave me their music, I think, if I can remember, correctly, they are friends of hers up in St. Catherines, Canada. They are chill and have a folky feel that makes me want to build a bonfire.

Be still my heart -The Postal Service: Postal Service is my go-to music whenever I can’t think of anything to listen to, they never disappoint. This particular song seems to be describing my relationship with South Africa rather than an actual person. We are deeply in love, SA and I.

Lights & Music -Cut Copy: is my dance music right now. I love getting ready to this song.

Can You Tell -Ra Ra Riot: Ra Ra Riot has become my walking music, it makes me feel like I’m in an indie movie with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Whatever. Don’t judge.

Girl Inform Me -The Shins: The Shins are old friends that I like to have breakfast with most days of the week.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1 -The Flaming Lips: I can’t forget my Oklahoma artists. Classic stuff. Of course I listen to tons of Kings of Leon, but you should already assume that they are on every playlist I create. PS- SA loves Kings of Leon. Their songs are on the radio ALL the time. Then people are surprised that they are from OK– I love re-educating people.

Bruises -Chairlift: My spunky, poppy sweet song that makes me do weird 80s-esque dance moves in my room.

Belated Promise Ring -Iron & Wine: I love this song at tea time. It reminds me of my Dad’s guitar playing.

5 years time -Noah and the Whale: Noah and the Whale are newly discovered favorites, introduced to me by Shane. Thanks Shane! I love this song, it’s so peppy, cute, snarky and a good alarm song. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to soft ukulele?

Shape of My Heart -Noah and the Whale: Another good song for walking around. I like walking on campus to this one. It’s so sad in lyrics but so happy in melody.

The Lucky Ones –Tim Myers: I know its in some commercials, blah blah blah. But I can’t help it. I love the former One Republic’s bass player’s voice. Another good pick-me-up/walking song.

Shine- Rosi Golan & Human: This song is my calm down song at the moment. It so quiet and uplifting.

The Boxer -Simon & Garfunkel: This song reminds me of driving in the car with my parents, when Mason, my oldest little bro, was just a baby. We had this album on cassette tape and it always sounded scratchy.

Do you remember -Jack Johnson: Obviously, if you couldn’t tell by now, I am big into folk and indie at the moment. It’s a general cycle of tastes I guess. I listen to this when I really miss people back home.

Goodbye my lover -James Blunt: Say what you will about the extreme cheese and melodrama in this song. I love it.

Swordfishtrombone -Tom Waits: Gotta love me some crazy weird Waits tunes. I love this one, because of the xylophone, the mention of Oklahoma, and the concept of a “swordfishtrombone”. Who else could think of such a thing?

Hold On -Tom Waits: Again, gotta love Waits. The sound in this song is quite different from “Swordfishtrombone”. Having several of his albums is awesome to see his musical progression.

Lovers in Japan/ Reign of Love -Coldplay: A great exploring song. I wandered a bit around Hatfield one morning to this song. I found a great café to get tea.

Floating -Jape: Another introduction by Krista. This song is like if The Postal Service went world fusion.

Phil Lynott -Jape: This song is one of the most bizarre ones I have encountered in a while. It’s one of Krista’s and now, my favorites. “Look at the f***ing moon”

For Emma -Bon Iver: I love Bon Iver. It’s like  if The Eels, The Shins and The Decemberists had a love child that turned out to be adopted or something.

That’s it for now! I’ve uploaded most of my pics to my MobileMe gallery

Loved hiking here!

– no captions or anything yet. Gotta study for my test.