Since right before I got to South Africa and so far, almost every night here I have had extremely vivid dreams about anything and everything. Before I arrived I had those crazy dreams about my arrival, getting lost, discovering that SA looked exactly like Oklahoma, finding everyone familiar there, and one involving a tribal initiation where I was set on fire. It was an interesting week in January to say the least.  Now I am dreaming every night and I remember at least a little bit every morning. Like last night I was having a dream about Clarens and hanging out with the group and it was kind of like Survivor, which is weird because I think I’ve watched a total of two episodes of all ten million seasons. In reality, our trip was far from Survivor-like in regards to what we did, but exactly like Survivor, drama-wise.
Last week I had a dream about my arrival– which is odd because those dreams had stopped when I did actually arrive. But this dream was about my arrival in Pretoria. I arrived and TUKS was exactly like my high school combined with the school I work with out in the township. An interesting mixture of first-world white suburbia and third-world impoverishment. Anyway, it was bitterly cold and a dark winter in Pretoria.  I was very confused as to why I would be studying at a high school when I was in university back home.

So I was looking for someone or some sort of explanation when I ran into my senior year English teacher from high school sitting in a gazebo/shack/outdoor room thing with her two young sons. This is weird because I have only visited her once since graduating and haven’t kept up much contact through other means with her either. Plus, I’ve only met her sons once so I have no idea what they were doing in my dream.

Anyway, it was straight out of  the Hero’s cycle/Myth’s cycle. I even thought this, in my dream. I knew she was the mentor/guide person. It was a very scary, odd and bizarre feeling. Anyway, she was expecting me. I was still confused in my dream of why she would be in my dream but I sat on the ground with her and she smiled and told me that I shouldn’t worry and things would work out the way they needed to-  she was very serene and kind of oracle-like. It was slightly unnerving to see one’s former English teacher act like the oracle at Delphi or something. Then I think I left her and continued my dream, but I don’t remember much after that.

Another dream I had was with a person I don’t even hang out with except a few days out of every semester and we were on a beach/desert/sandy area. He was very upset with me and telling me that I was supposed to go to Six Flags with him and I didn’t and I didn’t even show up to OIL session (my mock legislature) and I didn’t go to Six Flags with him (apparently this was an important event) and then I had just left for Africa. Then he turned around and started going through my parents’ closet that was just suddenly there, standing in the middle of the sand like some weird prop for a Becket play.

It’s nice to regularly have such vivid, exciting and strange dreams; I haven’t had them so consistently since before I moved to Oklahoma when I was in the sixth grade and I am enjoying it. Yet, it is so very unnerving to have dreams every night with all kinds of people in them and in all sorts of situations. My mind’s creativity and memory are apparently benefiting from South Africa. eep.