I know I haven’t posted in FOREVER. Sorry. I will try to be more diligent.

I had a post ready for this weekend, but I forgot that pretty much the entire exchange population was going on a weekend trip to the Free State, so no opportunity to post then.

Today I had my first exam, so yesterday I was holed up in my room studying the impact of anthropology on cultural history. I think I aced the test by the way. I also ran out of internet on Sunday night at midnight after skyping with the parentals so I am sitting in an internet cafe at the moment because it’s Africa and something went wrong with loading more data onto my modem.

I have a research proposal due tomorrow for political science and I just completed it so I thought I would post the blurb that has been waiting for almost 5 days to be posted. I thought I was so smart putting it on my flash drive. Except I forgot that it was in Mac Pages format and no PC on earth will open it. So, it sits taunting me, on my flash drive and there is nothing I can do about it. I still have TONS of pictures to post too. Life here is slower but to keep up with this one and the one back home is almost too much to handle.

Note, I said almost, so I won’t be breaking off contact any time soon, no worries folks. Unless I decide to join a Basoto tribe that still miraculously adheres to traditional tribal life. Like that will ever happen. Or that I’ll find such a community is even less likely.

It’s still hot here and it’s been raining less so the heat is worse. Not that I miss winter weather. Earlier this month, I went hang at someone’s pool. In February. Yeah, be jealous.

PS- if you want me to send a postcard or letter, email me your address or message me on facebook. I will be happy to oblige.