1. Classes are in a different room for each lecture day of the week: It’s utterly crazy. My three-lecture Poli Sci class is three different locations Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At least it’s the same 3 places every week. Still confusing.
  2. People hang out on campus…all day…literally: People just don’t leave even if they have three hours between classes and live in a Res less than a block away. They all just hang out on the grassy areas like it’s a Woodstock revival.
  3. The Res life is the Greek life times ten bagillion: First years here enter into the residences and basically enter a sorority or fraternity- no choice at all really. Each res has its own unique personality and traditions and they make the entire res get up at midnight, four am to march them around and chant. It makes no sense to me and to them, my opposition makes no sense.
  4. Classes are based on 4 grades…only: Class set up here is more like what I expected college to be like when I was younger. A class usually has a 2-3 papers plus a midterm and then a final exam worth 50% of the final mark. So if you are bad tester, don’t come here.
  5. Bilingual classes are kind of frustrating in a cool way: Here, English is primary language of instruction but sometimes people ask questions, present things or use Afrikaans to express something easier/better. I have no idea what they are saying so it’s frustrating but it’s cool that two languages are interchangeable in one class.
  6. Rugby is King and Soccer is Queen: Basketball? No one cares. Tennis? eh.  Cricket? The sometimes forgotten middle child.
  7. The ground floor isn’t Floor one: It’s three in the Humanties building and in the library; in the IT ground floor is actually two. What?
  8. Classes are divided strictly by year: My poli Sci 310 consists of all third years and my hist 210 is all second years. The course code directly correlates to who takes it. As an exchange student I have a free pass to take whatever I want, woot!
  9. My Black professor said the n-word twice in one sentence. Just like that: We were talking about Conrad, Europe vs. Africa, and the racism of Heart of Darkness. Yet, in the US, in a university/ professional context, no one would ever say it. I stopped breathing for a moment when I heard it. I have come to realize that there isn’t the absolutely extreme negativity and bad history with that word as there is in the US, because there are worse words from apartheid that are much worse to the South Africans.
  10. TUKS is a university like any other, drama included.