So I am in South Africa, sitting in an internet café, trying to email everyone that I am alive and have survived the plane ride over.It’s great here. The sun is shining. All the international students are great, the food is awesome, beer and everything else is ridiculously cheap. Last night- a chicken spring roll basket, 2 beers came to a total without tip to R38, aka $5.50. Tell me that’s not awesome? Everything is pretty different here, but the same at the same time. It almost feels like a mixture of Berkley, CA and a European city. Which I love. Bought a prepaid cell yesterday, R150 ($21.50) plus R30 of airtime ($4). Like I said. Ridiculously cheap. It’s amazing to me that I finally really understand how different economies can be. It’s easier to deal with an economy and cost of living slightly higher or lower than your own (Europe), it’s like going from OK to CA. But to go from the US to SA the difference is so extreme it really makes one realize how well off one is and how affluent even the lower middle class would be compared to most in SA. It is a little troubling but it’s a new perspective that I am enjoying exploring.

P.S. Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding this morning when I woke up too early to get my fix of big crazy family time. My house here is so quiet. Put some Windex on it!!!