So, I really like street fashion blogs. Why? Because they project so much of a particular city’s culture it’s ridiculous.

From Stil in Berlin.

Really good street fashion blogs don’t just post pictures of the most fashionista people they can find but post pictures of everyone. Blogs with the goal to show what their city natives wear in all the seasons provides insight into how their media, history, religion, politics, weather, and the global society, economy, culture affect what pair of jeans one might wear with that black blouse and that orange scarf.

Some of my favorites include:

by Copenhagen Street Style

From Copenhagen Street Style.

Copenhagen Street Style: This blog is one of my favorites because they take pictures of all ages. Most of their subject are of the 15-30 age range but I’ve seen more than one dolled-up granny grace the site.

From Glamcanyon.

Glamcanyon is a fashion blog that is generally based in Berlin, Germany and I like about 80% of their stuff. Sometimes they have too many other types of posts than just street fashion pics. Plus, they do club/big party pictures…the first ten are interesting…the rest are annoying.

Dublin Streets is a spunky little Irish blog that has great photos of all kinds of people in all kinds of places. The only drawback is they are very consistent about updating.

HEL LOOKS was the first street fashion blog I discovered and began following. They take amazing pictures of Helsinki dwellers dressed all sorts of ways. They are a website and not a blog so they don’t have RSS updates which means I don’t check them as often as I would otherwise.

From Stil in Berlin.

The last of my favorite street fashion blogs is by far my favorite. Stil in Berlin consistently updates with great pictures and doesn’t clog the site with other stuff and they tell you on which street in Berlin they found the subject. They are always the first blog I check.