If you live here in America, you hear people all the time imitating other languages that they certainly don’t speak. Sometimes its all in good fun but sometimes it can be disrespectful, rude and insulting. I’m all for exploring the way everyone hears each other, without maliciousness of course.

Oddly enough, one hardly ever hears imitations of English. Maybe it’s because so much of the world does speak English or that each part of the world has its own unique sense of humor.

Or that most people with cable don’t sign up for Hindi channels unless they are obsessed with Bollywood extravaganzas. I have found some imitations on both sides and I think they are kind of hilarious. Languages are funny.

This one is the most hilarious. The first time I watched it, I really thought he was speaking American English and just singing too fast for me to understand him.

Thanks to Youtube‘s philosophiste for the video.

This one is a great compilation of what this particular Englishwoman thinks seven of the world’s languages sound like. I would be kind of insulted by her ignorance, but it’s a TV show and everyone in the room with her thinks she’s the biggest idiot on earth.

Thanks to Youtube‘s iamyourimagination for the video.

This one is an okay imitation of the Hindi dialects (at least to my untrained ear) but the context is kind of insulting. It feels like he’s making fun of the Hindi language- which I don’t appreciate. The Hindi languages are amazing. The amounts of vowels they use in addition to their love of plosive consonants makes it a very complicated and enjoyable language to listen to, I think.

Video from Youtube‘s baharehroodgari.

This last one doesn’t crack me up the way the first two videos do but it is extremely interesting. Youtube user, crehnquist, is interested academically or just curiously about what English sounds like to non-English speakers and what they think of his fake imitations of other languages. It seems like he has spent time either researching or practicing his imitations. Some of the responses are pretty good too.

Thanks to crehnquist for the video.

What do you think about language imitation? Insulting? Interesting? Silly? Funny?