So it’s been seven months since I last posted. My blog and I aren’t on the best of terms apparently. The semester and work and life in general kind of caught up with me. It was a boring but busy semester for me and I am glad it’s over.

I changed the title of my blog because (drumroll please)

I am going to South Africa! I applied to study abroad through my university and I got accepted to study at the University of Pretoria for six whole months. I leave in 11 days, including today. I am going to be taking some anthropology classes, a history class and a political science class. I am super pumped about the entire situation. Plus, World Cup 2010 starts right after classes end so you know I will be following and attending at least one game.

So, this blog isn’t going to be just random crap your silly author feels like posting. I’ll be posting all sorts of observations about my time in SA and info etc. about my life there, my travels around SA and the surrounding countries and whatever catches my eye there.

I probably won’t post many photos due to limited space but I think I can post photos on my mobile me account to link to.

(Yes, I am a mac user and yes I ended a sentence with a preposition) My writing teacher told me to throw those elementary rules out the window and develop style and personality in my writing. No problemo seƱor!

Still waiting for my visa to come back. Keep your fingers crossed that there is nothing wrong with my application.