I am not very good at writing regularly, which is unfortunate. My journal is suffering the same fate as well; it makes me feel guilty– I can hear my journal crying in the dark. All of which does not help my anxiety or stress level.

However, this doesn’t either. An OK highway patrolman physically and verbally assaulting an EMT trying to transport a patient, in an ambulance. It’s not excusable.

Whatever call the patrolmen were answering doesn’t carry anymore weight or importance than an EMT team trying to help a possibly dying person so close to aid. What if the woman inside the ambulance that day had died? The OK news would have made a bigger deal about it, I’m sure. Or if she was White. Yeah, I pulled the race card. All the patrolmen were White and the EMT and the patient were Black. Apparently the patrolmen were trying to issue a ticket for not yielding to a patrol car and thought the driver, also a White male, had flipped them off. The patrol car’s sirens were not on, only its lights and when one drives an ambulance, I would expect that one wouldn’t be looking out for patrolmen. I would be watching the traffic in front of my large box of a vehicle, trying to get the hospital ASAP. Why did they not verbally or physically assault the driver, the perceived perpetrator of the crimes but only the EMT monitoring the patient in the back, who simply tried to correct the situation in a calm collected manner? I dare not ask, I might grabbed by the throat too- I am brown and a female.

I thought perhaps the highway patrol would be smarter and less hot-headed. They are supposed to keep Oklahoma highways safe for us, by enforcing the law, but the incident reeks of abuse of power. Which scares me.

Check out the sorry excuse of a news article and a blog with a video of the incident attached. Lemme know what you think about the situation. Are you enraged? Frightened? Or do you think it isn’t a big deal? A mistake? I want all opinions and thoughts. Please don’t be crass.