I finished writing my last sentence of my upper division Anth. final and my anxiety dropped away from me. It was like walking into an air conditioned building out of a Carolina August day. Incredible. I was the last one to finish and I feel pretty confident about it- the only one this semester.

So I am free from school yet I am still sitting in the library- I have work until midnight, which is lame. However, my infinitely long shift is much more enjoyable than usual. I got the summer started off right- I read a book. In two and half hours. I had forgotten how good it feels to read fiction. It feels like you actually sink into it. You ignore the rest of your body except your eyes and page- turning finger. All your surroundings melt into a muffled buzzy blur- like a dream right after you wake up. It feels better than exercising, than “conversating”, than watching a movie, and it’s almost as good as sleep.

My first novel of the summer is called Eva Moves The Furniture by Margot Livesey. It’s set in Scotland circa 1920 to 1950ish. Eva tells the entire story in the past and its interesting. She’s village girl whose mother died on the child-bed and it has profoundly shaped the entirety of her life. She becomes a nurse and works through a majority of WWII. Yet this is no wartime romance. It is Eva’s inner struggle with life and its choices. She has these Companions that accompany her throughout her life that seemingly no one else can see and yet they do amazing things. Influence people. Save people. Give Eva advice.

It sounds cheesy, but it is far from that. Eva is nostalgic for her childhood; she wants to fit in; she longs for a sure direction in life- things that almost everyone feels. Her companions fit in well but strangely. It never takes a fantasy twist that suddenly launches into a LOTR plot, not does it lapse into a war torn depression. Her companions seem like Fey but then again they aren’t and they never lapse into a stereotype- they simply are a powerful force in Eva’s life. They are oppressive or malicious at times, but then they are angels sent to aid Eva in her challenges. Her relationship with them, with her dead mother, and with the outside world form an enthralling dynamic that captivates and reawakens old daydreams, longings and forgotten memories.

It’s a short read, about 230 pages, but the writing is quite good. I wish there was more substance to her setting description but the some of the character portraits are excellent. The first person narrative can drag a little or seem a bit haughty but it is essential to understanding Eva’s nature and serves that purpose well.

A good start to the summer and I feel more satisfied by  finishing this book than I have about anything else all semester. ahhh. I have plenty more to read but I am open to suggestions (and why?) for summer reads. Do not recommend People magazine- I will roll it up and hit you with it.