So I have a blog. I joined the masses and got a blog. I don’t know where I am going with it, but I feel that it might be a therapeutic supplement to my life.

At least I hope so. I mean I hope so in the sense that a third grader hopes to be chosen first for kickball. Do third-graders even play kickball anymore? I could ask my littlest brother; he’s almost done with third grade– which consequently makes me feel old.

Anyway, I have journaled for years so I have some experience, but I refuse to let this be a journal–no one cares about my life that much and I am perfectly at ease with this. I have a different audience and it should be an exciting and enlightening.

I am almost done with Spring semester and I am excited and ready to move back to my parents house for the summer, and I hope that my blog will provide a stimulating outlet.

I hope people read my blog– I like feedback. Yet, most of all I want to use this as an outlet to share a tiny sliver of my existence with the internet audience and learn a little about theirs.

I promise I am not always going to be so serious and introspective. I am easily amused and love laughing– something I rediscovered as of late.

Well, I think this is a fairly hefty first blog and I am relatively pleased with it.