“If it were not for your guests all houses would be graves.” -Khalil Gibran, Sand and Foam

I have overestimated the effectiveness of skype for a long while now and have never been so frustrated with the expense of international travel.



I have no motivation to study today, even though I have a plan and I felt pretty satisfied and accomplished after setting said plan. I can’t seem to concentrate. Even though I know if I went to campus I would probably be better, it’s cold, rainy, and grey for the first time in a week or so and the idea of leaving my room to walk 20 or so mins to the library is heartbreaking.


I was going to title this “You Know You’re Kurdish if…” but I realized how much is general pan-Middle Easternness. Oh dear, don’t tell any of us that we are alike in any way. Actually some of this extends to my South and East Asian cousins, which brings me to number one….



I like:

I dislike:


Is it strange that they are pretty much the same??????

Welp. I’m back. Who knows for how long. I get so absorbed in my schoolwork and I don’t find blogging to be a comfortable or enjoyable procrastination tool and most of the time I am unable to exert the creative effort to write posts while studying. (more…)

Realized: I am not a blog person. (more…)

So I’ll cut straight to the chase. I am in the process of moving out of my apt and my boobs keep getting in the way. Literally. Also Barnes and Noble is bloody sexist.  (more…)